One Year On – Patrycja’s Story Part 2

How are we maintaining it?

The key is to keep the meals interesting by trying different recipes, using spices & herbs to ensure our meals are full of flavour. We regularly watch YouTube and Instagram looking for inspiration. We also purchased number of books with the following being our favourite:

HP Recipes for happiness

The Happy Pear – Recipes for Happiness

The wicked kitchen

The Wicked Healthy Cookbook – FREE. FROM. ANIMALS

BOSH! – Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants

BOSH! – Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants

Planning is equally important. This relates to your weekly shopping but also ensuring that the hotel you plan to stay in/restaurant where you’re meeting your friends cater for vegans. Carrying couple of snacks around is always a good idea so you don’t get caught when vegan meals are not readily available.

Benefits and challenges

This is the sexy stuff. Some of the benefits that we have experienced since going plant based are as follows:

Increased energy levels – despite all the demands we feel more energised than ever.

Improved mood – we find ourselves happier, enjoying life more and in a better position to deal with anything that life brings.

Weight loss – both of us lost weight to different extend. In my case it was only a minor change which is great as I am very happy with my body mass. With my boyfriend the difference was much more visible with his younger brothers being jealous and looking for tips.

Improved skin, hair, nails condition and as a result a younger look – this is self-explanatory.

Better sex life – without revealing two much details let’s just say ‘If you want a great sex life go vegan!” 😉

On the other hand, here are some of the challenges that we encountered:

Teasing – You know those so-called friends and family members that love to take the piss out of you?! Asking you ‘What do you mean you don’t drink milk, what’s wrong with you?”  etc. – yeah that’s the kind of comments we need to deal with. Fortunately, less and less frequently. Instead they are curious to try the next amazing meal we are cooking.

You need to be well-organised and spend some time planning your meals which might be challenging to incorporate to already a busy life; however, we are a living example that this can be managed so do not be looking for excuses.

Top tips

Health is key:

  • So make sure that you eat nutritious varied foods. You can be vegan by only eating Oreos and certain crisps all the time but highly unlikely this will make you healthy.
  • Get blood tests done regularly to ensure you’re well and fit and are not lacking in anything.
  • Supplement when needed especially B12.

Keep your meals interesting, full of flavour, varied. Aim to introduce a new veg/fruit/grain etc to your diet each week there so so many to choose from.

Do not forget to indulge! – we are big supporters of the 80/20 well-balanced diet. If you eat healthy 80% of the time, you can treat yourself with your favourite foods the rest of the time and enjoy them! 😊 This isn’t going to ruin your diet (as long as you keep that 80/20 ratio) and will help you to sustain the healthy living in a long-term.

As previously mentioned, better be prepared that sorry and carry snack around in case you get caught.

Find a network that will support you on your way to a healthier better life. This can be your partner, friend or a vegan group on social media whatever is available and works for you.

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