One Year On – Patrycja’s Story Part 1

1 year in – Review of our journey thus far (Patrycja’s views)

Hard to believe but we recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of being on a plant-based diet. I’d say hard to believe as originally, I did not believe we would last longer than a month. As a former carnivore as well as dairy and eggs lover, I did not see myself enjoying the vegan diet in a long term.  But here I am a year later, fully vegan and loving it.

Why veganism

We decided to go the vegan path mainly for health reasons. We watched a number of documentaries including ‘What the Health’ which encouraged us to rethink what food we put into our bodies. The Happy Pear also had a considerable impact on our decision. I have been following them for years and had occasionally visited their cafes before turning vegan, but Derek was quite new to their products/foods. After attending The Happy Pear event hosting Rich Roll we were inspired to go fully plant-based hoping to look and feel as good the keynote speakers (haha).

Even though animal welfare and environmental issues were not the key reasons why we decided to try veganism as we educate ourselves more and more in this area, we really do believe that plant-based diet is the way to live a healthier, happier and more compassionate life with a huge potential of rebalancing our ecosystem and reversing climate change. It is also a more sustainable way of living.

Why Vegan in a Suit?

We found that the society associated veganism with hippies and hipsters. Both of us are successful professionals, leading very busy lives between our professional careers and all the voluntary activities we are involved in. We wanted to show that you can enjoy a well-balanced plant-based diet even when you are a super busy white-collar worker and this is how ‘Vegan in a Suit’ was born.

How did we do it?

Everything started with baby steps. After watching a couple of documentaries back in June 2017, we decided to go vegan for one day a week to see whether we would enjoy the vegan menu at all. We discovered so many new recipes and flavours and to our surprise making plant-based dishes turned out to be fun, full of flavour and exciting. We also found that we felt much lighter after having meals and there was no such a thing as bloating. With the time we increased the frequency of ‘vegan days’ in our calendar and from September 1st 2017 we went fully vegan and never looked back since.

Stay tuned for the second part of Patrycja’s journey so far.

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