The Happy Pear Christmas Supper Club

Last Friday, December 8th 2017, we attended the Happy Pear Christmas Supper Club at the Round Tower Cafe in Clondalkin.

We both got very excited about the idea as soon as it was released to the public to the extent that instead of going to a work Christmas party we decided to go to the supper!

As regular customers and big fans of the Happy Pear, we had our expectations set high. The abundance of beautiful Christmas inspired vegan dishes served on the night not only met but exceeded our expectations by a long shot.

Approximately 50 people attended the event. We were delighted to see such a variety of ages, nationalities and gender joining the festive supper club. What also pleasantly surprised us was that many of the guests were non-vegan, some of them were not even vegetarian yet we all appreciated the beauty of the very tasty plant-based Christmas supper.

All meals were prepared by Dave & Steve Flynn (The Happy Pear), alongside Norwegian chef, Halfdan, who trained in 2 and 3 star Michelin starred restaurants.

Dave & Steve not only prepared the meals but also accompanied by their super friendly staff and children, served the food spreading their positive energy across the room.

The Menu

The event commenced with a drink reception with Bellini (a mixture of Prosecco and fruit nectar) and Christmas mojito inspired non-alcoholic Kombucha to choose from.


There were three types of starters. We kicked off with some homemade bread served with a variety of delicious Happy Pear dips, followed by an absolute culinary masterpiece – vegan smoked salmon and vegan cream cheese. It looked amazing and tasted just like the real smoked salmon and cream cheese. So much so that the non-vegan guest sitting at our table was convinced she ate real salmon.

We finished starters with a full flavoured Vietnamese Pho served on a bed of black rice noodles.

Main Courses

As soon as the starter plates were collected, Dave and Steve impressed the guests with their mouthwatering beet & mushrooms wellington, delicious cottage pie served with braised celeriac, brussel sprouts and roast vegetables. The Wellington is looking like it will be our Christmas day main course and we’ll be ordering it here.  

We found the food portions were just perfect, however, for those who did not find them generous enough you could help yourself to more of any of the dishes at any stage as they were left at the side table for your convenience.


As we both have a bit of a ‘sweet tooth’ this is our favourite part of the meal and we were delighted to see a large selection of desserts. To be quite honest we were pretty full at that stage but as Dave and Steve said ‘there’s a separate stomach for the dessert’ so we braced ourselves and went for it. The Happy Pear treated us to the juicy mince pies, fruity Christmas cake, unusual rice pudding with fresh fruit and beautifully spiced chocolate mousse.

Overall, it was an evening full of delicious food, joy and happiness. We enjoyed some beautiful plant-based dishes, met a bunch of nice people and laughed a lot.

We were also very happy to learn that a portion of the proceeds were directly donated to help fighting homelessness.

Massive thank you to Dave, Steve and their team for an incredible evening full of fun and great food. The cafe also hosted the lads with a small cooking demo on Saturday afternoon along with a Christmas market with proceeds from that also going to charity.

The Happy Pear continue to ‘make a positive difference using healthy foods to bring people together.’

We hope that similar events will be organised soon and are already looking forward to them.

As this will be our first Christmas on a full-time plant-based diet, we were worried what we were going to eat during the festive season. Having attended The Happy Pear Christmas Supper Club and watching the 12 days of Vegan Christmas series on their YouTube channel, we cannot wait to try the great Christmas inspired vegan dishes and will no doubt share the results with you!

Thanks to The Happy Pear for allowing us to use their photos in this blog. We were too busy enjoying ourselves to take quality photos!


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