My first month of being a vegan.

So it’s has been a month since my girlfriend and I decided to go vegan and here are some of our stories.

As mentioned in the first blog, we’ve been eating vegan a couple of times a week before we went 100% on September 1st. Some fellow vegans said it’s not usual to jump straight into veganism. The gateway lifestyle choice is vegetarianism first but I’m stubborn so we jumped in with both feet. PS Happy International Vegetarian Day!

It’s has not been straightforward but it also has not been as difficult as some people made out. I think it’s because we fully embraced it and we’re excited about all the new foods, recipes and places to eat. For me I’ve lost weight, my skin is smoother and I feel lighter along with more energy.

The downsides so far were at the beginning I had some stomach cramps, so much so it woke me a few mornings in week 2. My hair is definitely thinner and my bowels are still wondering what’s going on. My girlfriend is hopefully going to write a blog and I’ll post it on here to give her findings so far.

The worst thing that happened because of choosing to go vegan was that I’m a member of a GAA club and a recent dinner was one of the worst meals I’ve ever been served. We called the hotel during the day to let them know in advance but alas it was shocking. Melon for starter, which is a typical Veggie option but some baby boiled potatoes along with boiled vegetables and fruit salad from the hotel buffet that morning literally did not leave a good taste in our mouths.

I’m not going to name the Dublin hotel publicly but we have learned a valuable lesson. Go to events on a full stomach!

One thing I really need to look into are some supplements such as B12, Iron, Omega 3 and Vitamin C. I know the last 3 are readily available with a balanced vegan diet but I want to make sure I’m not missing out.

We both attended Vegfest (it was excellent) and selected the nutritional talks on the Saturday. The importance of B12 supplements was definitely driven home.

In the past month we’ve learned so much about the food we put into out bodies. It has been eye opening.

This sums up how we loving our new lifestyle. We plan as best we can, eat great food and we’re both really enjoying the journey. I have been caught without some vegan snacks in my bag and have gone hungry because of it but I’m not complaining.

Both of our colleagues in our different workplaces are teasing us but also interested in how we are getting on. We are both shocked with how little some very educated people know about Veganism.

World Vegan Day is November 1st and Vegan month is November. We are both looking forward to being Ambassadors for a Vegan and Plant Based Diets and spreading the good word.

I’m blogging as often as I can but I’m much more active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Please leave any valuable advice below along with comments about my blog.

Finally, I’d really appreciate a follow on my other social media channels and I look forward to blogging again soon.

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