Did vegans help Dublin win their 3rd All Ireland?

Now that the dust has settled on an amazing Senior All Ireland Football Final between Dublin and Mayo, could a plant based diet have been the difference between the two teams?

During the summer, a number of people started thinking about turning vegan because of the Netflix documentary “What the Health“.

What the Health Movie Poster

Through the grapevine, I’ve learned that a number of the Dublin senior panel started to stay away from dairy, meat, fish and honey in a move to get the edge with regards to their physical condition.

This comes on the back of a number of sporting personalities and teams have seeing the benefits. The Guardian newspaper in the UK ran a piece in the summer about how Forest Green Rovers, a League Two side, have no meat products for players or patrons in their stadium.

Plant based strength

Researching this article and it seems I’m late to the party. There’s another really interesting piece from the Irish Times here. Personally I’m not very sporty but it seems a plant based diet helps you recover easier, train more frequently and exceed your original personal bests.

Could this have been the difference between Dublin and Mayo on Sunday. With such a small margin between victory and defeat, should all athletes and teams look into the benefits of this type of lifestyle?

Dublin vs Mayo crests

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